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Too Much Time on my Hands

This is my opinion. I didn’t do formal research on this. I am not an OB expert on anything, hell I have never been in a delivery room while a child was being born. Please no hate. Really, I have no tolerance for it.

I have clients that swear but YouTube. I don’t really understand.

I don’t believe that the world is flat and no matter how many hours of YouTube I watch I will not ever believe that the world is flat.

YouTube though is an interesting look into other people’s lives though.

I just watched (I am not sure why I watched the entire thing, but I did) a 21-minute video about a baby with a deadly genetic disease. The parents were told that the child would not last past mere minutes after his birth. He lived 30 hours.

Couple of things come to my mind after that 21 minutes. I was working on work material while watching, at some point I was riveted to the screen. They knew from halfway through the pregnancy that this child would die as soon as he arrived. They chose to carry to term. That is a decision I would never want to be faced with. There are multiple decisions they could have made. I have no idea and I did not bother to look up what state they were in, it doesn’t matter. In America (in general) a pregnancy lasts 40 weeks. With quick and dirty math, a trimester would last 13 weeks each, yes, I suck at math, no critics. They would have found out about the child somewhere halfway through the second trimester. If you are planning on keeping a pregnancy and loving that baby the rest of its life, this would be a horrible shock. No one wants to find out that the family they are trying to “grow” is going to have a death.

I was touched by the love and care of this family, I am far past in my cynicism, that “everything has a reason”, I do believe that you can react in a healthy manner to a loss, you can face the grief head one and have beautiful memories. Don’t ask me how, I am terrible at addressing grief. These people embraced their religion, they are catholic, they had their friend and family sing and pray around this child. They had a priest give last rights. They spend 30 hours with this child. It was amazing in so many ways. It is never a good time to find out the horrible truth about death. Death is very much part of life. At the risk of being cliché, we all experience it whether you are a recluse or not. Avoiding it is impossible.

Kudos to these people for teaching their children and community that death is very much a part of life. Kudos to them for showing the world that grieving is appropriate when you experience loss.

There are so many ways to grieve and so many choices to make in life. There is no one right or wrong answer in life ever. Life just is what it is. These people shared a beautiful and amazing story.

Good from them.


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